MPD and client behind firewall

Sten Daniel Sørsdal lists at
Wed Jan 18 02:29:05 PST 2006

Tiago Cruz wrote:
> I have a FreeBSD 6.0 running MPD server 3.18_3.
> The MPD server works very good when I has _direct_ connected by
> Internet.
> My problem is with one _client_ (Win XP) behind NAT from iptables. I
> have to do some in my PF?
> In this case, I've tried do this (in iptables from client):

I believe it to be an IPTables and PF issue.
Hints to bring along to the IPTables mailing lists:
PPTP needs PPTP helper, _make sure_ the PPTP helper doesn't corrupt the

PF doesn't have really try to fix NAT issues by rewriting packets. There
 might be a PPTP proxy out there somewhere?

Sten Daniel Sørsdal

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