if_bridge FreeBSD 6.0 on a Broadcom interface not working

David Leimbach leimy2k at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 15:23:34 PST 2006

To whom it may concern.

I've been using qemu with the vde port [until recently, the qemu port is too
far ahead of the vde one now] on an x86 machine with FreeBSD 6 and using
if_bridge to connect the tap0 interface with xl0 with great success.

I tried to duplicate this configuration on a dual opteron machine that has
Broadcom adapters and when I add the bge0 or bge1 interfaces to the bridge0
iface that I create I lose all connectivity.  The moment I destroy the
bridge0 interface, bge0 or bge1 as it may be begins responding again.

I'm all for not supporting Broadcom here... I don't care for their business
practices so much and will likely get another network card to work around
this problem.

I just thought I'd bring it up since I think if_bridge is really excellent

If you want/need more information I'll be glad to provide.

Dave Leimbach

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