Is RFC1323 support flawed? (only with pf enabled)

Attila Nagy bra at
Mon Jan 2 22:30:27 PST 2006


>> I use pf on all machines, if that counts...
>> ... yes, that counts. Without pf it works OK, but when I load a simple 
>> pass only ruleset, it breaks.
> Someone else reported this problem a few weeks ago, he said that it 
> occurs when hz is set > 1000.  Do you have a weird hz setting on your 
> machines?
sysctl kern.clockrate
kern.clockrate: { hz = 1000, tick = 1000, profhz = 666, stathz = 133 }

It is a stripped down GENERIC kernel, with some debugging options left 
in (KDB, MP_WATCHDOG, etc).

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