Reverse Path Filtering check in ip_input.c

Łukasz Bromirski lbromirski at
Mon Jan 2 16:53:07 PST 2006

Łukasz Bromirski wrote:

> Patch applies cleanly on ip_input.c version 1.301.2.3 dated 2005/10/09
> (latest RELENG_5 checkout). It will also work with latest RELENG_4
> checkout (ip_input.c version dated 2005/01/02).

Sorry for small mistake - patch applies cleanly to:

  ip_input.c v1.301.2.3 z 2005/10/09 (RELENG_6)
  ip_input.c v1.283.2.14 2005/07/20 (RELENG_5)
  ip_input.c v1.130.2.55 z 2005/01/02 (RELENG_4)

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