Automatic TCP send and receive socket buffer sizing

LI Xin delphij at
Thu Dec 21 19:08:42 PST 2006

Chris wrote:
>> > I ran cvsup again, unfortenatly there was changes in world since the
>> > last cvsup so I have done a new buildworld as well to keep it all
>> > synched and then done a unpatched kernel, after that I have patched
>> > and using testkernel.  So far seems to be working fine.  Thanks
>> Yes, you need to rebuild stuff that depends on TCP in-kernel structures,
>> for instance netstat(1), etc., to pick up with the change.
> Oh so after the patch I have to do another buildworld not just kernel?

It's not strictly required, if you do not use these utilities to get
information about TCP connection.  However, it's recommended to do

BTW:  The best practice is to do buildworld *before* buildkernel, and do
installkernel before installworld.

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