mpd and vlan

Ganbold ganbold at
Thu Dec 14 04:52:56 PST 2006

Alexander Motin wrote:
> Ganbold wrote:
>> OK, so I have to create vlans first on the system and then configure 
>> mpd.links file accordingly and take out the "set pppoe iface bge1" 
>> line from mpd.conf. I will try it sometime later and let you know how 
>> it goes.
> Somebody should strip vlan header. If not a system (if you dont like 
> to create vlans) and not mpd (this is not its business) then who?
> It will work fine. vlan for mpd is like a usual ethernet interface 
> without any specifics.


Is it possible to give static IP addresses to the users using mpd?
How it should be done? User is authenticating with radius server.

Right now my mpd.conf is like this:

        new -i ng8 pppoe8 pppoe8
        set ipcp ranges
        load pppoe_standard

thanks in advance,


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