Bandwidth Monitoring program

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Dec 6 08:11:13 PST 2006

Josh Paetzel wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 December 2006 23:52, Brett Glass wrote:
>> Add a few IPFW "count" rules to count the bytes and packets. Then,
>> periodically harvest and reset the counters via a cron job and
>> write the results to a file. You can then prepare tables and charts
>> which are as simple or as fancy as you please, without resorting to
>> SNMP (which isn't secure). A little bit of code in your favorite
>> scripting language will do it. And of course you can output to a
>> graphing package, though for me a simple histogram using asterisks
>> has sufficient precision in most cases.
>> --Brett Glass
> Just curious.....but where is he going to run ipfw?  I seriously doubt 
> his router can run it, and what good is it going to do him to run it 
> on a machine on the network if the network is switched?  It's not 
> going to be able to see any of the traffic other than what that 
> specific machine is sending/receiving.

run ipfw in layer 2 after turning on promiscuous mode and attaching it 
to a hub.

I do it all the time.

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