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>I've read here before (or maybe some other freebsd list) that cards
>like the Soekris 1401 don't gain as much as you'd expect due to moving
>packets to/from the card over the PCI bus.  But the context is usually
>one of trying to encrypt packets to increase throughput.
>So the question is whether these cards, regardless of their affect on
>throughput, increase usable CPU cycles?  I have several Soekris 1401
>cards and am wondering if there would be any point to putting them
>into some machines that provide logins over ssh.  These machines are
>generally pretty good spec, 2.4GHz+, 1GB RAM, Intel MBs, mostly
>on-board peripherals.

The only place I found it really helpful for ssh connections was on
our backup server where we had multiple inbound ssh connections (e.g.
10+ at once sending dump piped through ssh) it kept the CPU
utilization down.  If you have just one or two, it doesnt really

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