VIA VT6103 support (VIA EPIA PD)

Mark J. Sommer msommer at
Sat Sep 24 11:56:46 PDT 2005

Yes, please post a URL or an e-mail address of someone at VIA that can
provide more information. I'm looking to implement some thin clients based
on these motherboards, so any info you can provide would be very much


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Chris Howells <howells at> wrote:
 > There is a BIOS bug on various Via boards that causes a lockup when large
> amounts of DMA transfers happen, either via the ethernet interfaces or via
> IDE.

That sounds strange.  Do you have a URL where I can get more information
about that problem?

 > It look a very long time for Via to admit that it happens and to start  >
attempting to issue a fix.
 > The fix is a BIOS which is clearly marked as Beta.
 > Personally I'd steer clear of such Via boards.

But how do I know which VIA boards are affected?
Does the VIA EPIA PD have that problem?
I cannot find any information about a "VIA BIOS bug".
Are you sure you're not confusing things?

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