ARP behavior in FreeBSD vs Linux

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Sep 19 00:32:51 PDT 2005

> > But that ARP thing happens also with interfaces that are not part of
> > the bridge! Even if the interfaces are ifconfiged NOARP.
> This is not what I observed... which of the 3 bridging implementations
> (bridge, if_bridge, ng_bridge) have you seen this behaviour with?

Hummm, I am not sure, the one enabled with the option BRIDGE in the
kernel (4.10 RELENG), so I guess the first on. Of course not netgraph.

And of course i cannot find anymore syslog message :(

The situtation was:

- fxp1: one interface with no IP, NOARP connected to my inside lan,
  bridge to fxp0

- fxp0: one interface with no IP, NOARP connected to my outside lan,
  bridge to fxp1

- xl0: one interface with IP connected to my inside lan.

At random times, fxp1 would respond to ARP requests about the IP of


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