dhclient and ADSL modem trouble...

Digital Brain digitalbrain at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 1 11:31:21 GMT 2005

Hi Chris,

>Linux and freebsd you re trying,  running on same hardware (nic) ?
>I'm saying that cause some ISPs lock their  "IP-offering"
>with each client's hardware address (which is defined at first use).

Linux is on my laptop (and works ok), while freebsd is on another machine.
I had thought of that and so I tried the following:
   1. while I had a connection from the laptop with an assigned ip, I pulled 
       the cable and connected it to the freebsd machine.
   2. I changed the IP to the one assigned on the laptop (ed0 interface)
   3. I added the gateway via /sbin/route and modified /etc/resolv.conf.

   --> Now, this works ok, so I know the ISP is not locking the session 
         on the MAC address (since I didn't spoof that on FreeBSD).

So, the problem remains: dhcp doesn't work from the freebsd machine...

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