Network performance 6.0 with netperf

Brad Knowles brad at
Thu Oct 20 07:29:50 PDT 2005

At 10:49 PM +1000 2005-10-20, Michael VInce wrote:

>  The 4 ethernet ports on the Dell server are all built-in so I am assuming
>  they are on the best bus available.

	In my experience, the terms "Dell" and "best available" very 
rarely go together.

	Dell has made a name for themselves by shipping the absolutely 
cheapest possible hardware they can, with the thinnest possible 
profit margins, and trying to make up the difference in volume. 
Issues like support, ease of management, freedom from overheating, 
etc... get secondary or tertiary consideration, if they get any 
consideration at all.

	But maybe that's just me.

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