PPPoE and Radius on 6.0RC1

Marcin Jessa lists at yazzy.org
Thu Oct 20 04:15:55 PDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:01:45 +0400
Gleb Smirnoff <glebius at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:51:11PM +0200, Marcin Jessa wrote:
> M> It seems like PPPoE stoped working with support for radius on 6.0
> M> The log of pppoe and freeradius does not show pppoe attempting to
> M> even talk to the radius server. Additionally this message pops up
> M> when enabling pppoed: WARNING: attempt to net_add_domain(netgraph)
> M> after domainfinalize() My setup worked fine before on FreeBSD 5.x
> M> Is that a known issue and is it being worked on?
> Please show your PPPoE server configuration. Do you use pppoed or mpd?

I use pppoed.
to /boot/loader.conf fixed it on my 6.0RC1 ( thanks Julian Elischer )
Frankly I don't understand why this is needed since pppoed loads those
modules when it starts up.

This is my ppp.conf, just for the record:

 #set log Chat Command Phase     #turn on some logging. See man
ppp.conf for info set log Chat Command Phase hdlc lqm ipcp
 enable mschapv2 mschap chap mppe       #turn on chap and pap accounting
 #enable pap mschapv2 mschap chap mppe  #turn on chap and pap accounting
 #enable pap                    #turn on chap and pap accounting
 allow mode direct              #turn on ppp bridging
 enable proxy                   #turn on ppp proxyarping (redundant of
above???) disable ipv6cp                 #we don't use ipv6, don't want
the errors set mru 1472                   #set mru below 1500 (PPPoE
MTU issue) set mtu 1472                   #set mtu below 1500 (PPPoE
MTU issue) set timeout 0                  #no mins time restriction on
users #set timeout never
 set mppe 128 *
 set ifaddr
 set log phase ipcp lcp debug           #additional debugging
 nat enable yes
 set dns
 #set speed sync
 set cd 3                       # checks for the existence of carrier
once per second for 5 seconds #set cd 5!
 #enable echo
 enable lqr
 set reconnect 1 5              # Should the line drop unexpectedly , a
connection will be re-established after the given timeout.

#Specify my wifi gateway IP as well as DHCP pool range
 set radius /etc/ppp/radius.conf        #turn on radius auth and use
this file accept dns                             #turn on dns

#enable pap mschapv2 mschap chap mppe   #turn on chap and pap accounting
 disable pap pred1 deflate              #disable pred1 and deflate
compression along with pap deny pap pred1 deflate
#refuse when ask for it

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