How would I go about routing something like this?

G Bryant gbryant at
Sat Oct 15 01:21:36 PDT 2005

You can either use ipfw fwd command (has to be enabled in the kernel), 
where you forward all lan incoming packets with destination port 80, to 
the ip and port that the other proxy is listening on,
or (more complicated) you can use squid proxy on your local machine, use 
ipfw to fwd all lan incoming packets with destination port 80 to the 
port that squid is listening on (normally 3128), and then you have to 
specify in the squid config that it must use a different proxy as it's 
"parent" proxy.  You could then either enable caching on this machine, 
or configure it as a "dummy" proxy.
You will probably have to read all the man pages anyway, so use this as 
a starting point.

Regards, Graham

Zane C. B. wrote:

>I have a few IP# I want to proxy transparently. There is a machine
>sitting after the router that I want to use as a proxy. How would I go
>about routing out going packets through that proxy from the router? Any
>one have any opinions on this or any thing?
ps. I have opinions on lot's of things :)

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