problems with em(4)

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Fri Oct 7 19:05:14 PDT 2005

I modify kernel codes to stat that.
And it's test in a real telecom environment.

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> M> The problem is:
> M>=20
> M>          After the system run about 3 hours, there will be large =
> M>          The system is not heavy loaded, incoming rates of em0 is =
> M> than 150Mbits/s. em1 and em2 are not connected.
> M>=20
> M>          After 3 hours, the ierrs raise quickly every 1 minutes!
> M>=20
> M>          I think is a problem with em(4) driver.
> M>=20
> M>          Anyone meet such condition?

Yes.  Lots of people.  3 hours does seem to be the magic number, =
of the volumne of traffic.=20

I'm interested in what you do sniffing 150MB/s.  Normally libpcap can't=20
handle that amount of traffic.=20

Dave Seddon
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