dummynet, em driver, device polling issues :-((

Benjamin Rosenblum ben at benswebs.com
Tue Oct 4 09:00:59 PDT 2005

yea i have been messing with the driver for about a month now to try to 
atleast target where the failure is, ive probably put about 25-30 hours 
in now modifying the code and recompiling and testing it.  best i have 
gotten is to figure out its a problem with the cache becoming full and 
not sending it to the system in a timely fassion and the card panicing 
when the cache gets full.  so yes, i have volunteered to do it and i 
have been trying but my knowledge of how freebsd handles drivers and 
hardware is somewhat limited since this is my first time experimenting 
with them hence why im on here.  also something that should be noted its 
not very common for someone to be running the type of constant load that 
i do on my system and thats probably why more people arent reporting 
this issue. 

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Benjamin Rosenblum wrote:
>> i have been messing with the em driver now for over a month, ive come 
>> to the conclusion is a piece of crap.  if you watch on this list 
>> every other day you have someone saying there em driver is causing 
>> some sort of error, this should not be on a nic from a company like 
>> intel.
> This is known as "selection bias".
> People who have em NICs, and who do not have problems, probably do not 
> report regularly that their Intel 10/100/1000 NIC works fine, even 
> though it does, at least for them.  I've got a dozen or so machines 
> with that hardware, and I haven't seen any problems with them.
>> im saddly contimplating moving over to fedora right now just so i can 
>> work until 6.0 comes out (which i doubt will solve the problem anyway 
>> since im using the drivers from 6.0 now and there not helping out 
>> either).
> If you want to use Fedora instead, go right ahead and do so...
>> somebody really needs to look into this and find out what the hell is 
>> going on as i consider this a major problem right now.
> Are you volunteering?

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