Memory leak in net80211 on FBSD 6.0

Olivier Warin daffy at
Wed Nov 30 16:40:55 GMT 2005

Maybee this can be fixed & commited to -CURRENT + FreeBSD6 directly ?

Le 30 nov. 05 à 16:38, Nate Nielsen a écrit :

> Sam Leffler wrote:
>> Nate Nielsen wrote:
>>> I've put debugging code in node_alloc() and node_free() (in
>>> net80211/ieee80211_node.c) and can confirm that thousands of
>>> ieee80211_node structures are being allocated, at a cost of 1K a  
>>> piece.
>>> I'll continue to look into this (stumbling about), but if anyone  
>>> has any
>>> advice or ideas of where to look, I'd be eternally grateful.
>> Please don't spam lots of groups.
> Apologies.
>> I'm aware of the leak (David Young
>> found it in netbsd) and have a partial fix.  I'll send it to you  
>> directly.
> Wonderful. Looking forward to that.
> I've had other problems with rate control in the atheros driver. But
> I'll wait till I apply your patch before I look into them further, as
> I'd imagine it's possible the problems are related.
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