bge and checksums

Kelly Yancey kbyanc at
Thu Mar 24 12:42:13 PST 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Boris Kovalenko wrote:

> Hello!
> 	I try to use DSNiff with my FreeBSD 5.4-PRE and bge NIC. Unfortunatelly
> it does no work. My supposition is that the root of problem is bad tcp
> checksums (as shown by tcpdump). And DSNiff (and underlaying libnids)
> are checking for checksums. As I undrestand, bge has txcsum flag, so tcp
> stack does not computes checksum itself. Am I right? And may I turn off
> txcsum flag without modifying bge driver?

  Have you tried the -txcsum option described in ifconfig(8)?


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