ipfilter 4.1.6 won't build on FreeBSD5.3 amd64 (fwd)

Łukasz Bromirski lbromirski at mr0vka.eu.org
Wed Mar 9 12:51:39 PST 2005

Tony Sarendal wrote:

> None of our 7200's will come anyway near those numbers.
> Are you sure it's cisco you are using =)

;) I can't argue for any 7200 in any situation, but again let me
repeat, that the numbers I gave are for pure, fast-switched/CEFed
routing. I think this discussion should migrate to cisco-nsp or
some other list, because it's freebsd-net, not Cisco-net.

As for real life, I'm currently logged on on a 7206VXR/NPE-G1 that
handles 2 full BGP feeds, does a lot of filtering (Turbo ACLs, uRPF),
shaping, policing, and pushes about 200kpps (slightly above 100Mbit/s
total, across two built-in GEs and some other interfaces). And it's
loaded up to 60%.

I unfortunately can't give You any classified or internal data, but as
I said YMMV - at it actually varies ;)

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