gif(4) and bpf(4)

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at
Mon Jan 24 16:58:16 PST 2005


I set up a VPN between a RELENG_4 and a another box.  Everything works
well except I can't use tcpdump(8) on the gif(4).  IIRC it's a
well-known problem - I already saw this topic here but can't find these
posts again - but I cannot understand why it doesn't work since
if_gif.c in RELENG_4 has bpfattach(), bpf_mtap2(), ...

Is it supposed to work or not ?  If not, does it work on RELENG_5 ?
My very -CURRENT laptop succeeds in opening bpf(4) on a gif(4) interface.

Jeremie Le Hen
jeremie at

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