Broadcom BCM5703 query

Gareth Hopkins gareth at
Mon Jan 17 05:03:47 PST 2005


 	I have two identical Dell 2650's. One is running 4.11 and the other is running 5.3
For some reason which I have been battling with for the past 4 hours, the 4.11 box will not
pass more than 10MB/s of traffic. The 5.3 box passes between 30-40 MB/s. Both machines are 
connected to a Netapp Filer via a Cisco 2970 Gigabit switch. All duplex settings are correct.

 	Just to make sure it was not the switch I connected the machines directly to the filer
and got exactly the same results.

 	I saw a post in the archives from September about something similar where moving data
from a 5.3 machine to a 4.x machine was taking longer than usual.

 	Has there been a fix for this or is there anyway to patch the 4.11 bge drivers with the
properly working ones from 5.3 ?

Gareth Hopkins
Server Operations
UUNET South Africa

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