FreeBSD 5.3 hangs on high network load

c0ldbyte c0ldbyte at
Wed Feb 16 04:16:47 PST 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Robert Watson wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Juan Rodriguez wrote:
>> Just for your information (because I guess there's nothing else we can
>> do....), I will describe the setup I've got in case anyone would like to
>> reproduce the problem and try to fix it.
>> I'm using FreeBSD 5.3.0 RELEASE on an Pentium I MMX 233, with 128 MB of
>> RAM (minus 1 MB that my onboard VGA card takes off). The motherboard is
>> ASUS SPv97 (or something like that)
> If possible, the first thing would be to try moving to the head of
> 5-STABLE to see if the bug has already been fixed there already or not.  A
> significant number of interesting bugs have been fixed since the release
> of 5.3.  If that doesn't correct the problem, the next thing to do is to
> take a look at the section of the handbook on reporting kernel panics and
> hangs.  It would be quite interesting to know if the machine still
> responds to pings once it has appeared to hang.  There have been reported
> problems with realtek network cards, it would probably be premature to
> blame the hardware at this point.

If im correct ive allready heard of this issue being solved. And should
allready be patched in. Checkout the latest RELENG_5_3 and build your
kernel over again and run that for a while "FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p5"
otherwise try a different version of 'samba*' or see if there are some
tweaks in the 'LINT' for the card itself. Im not quite sure why you would
run in safe mode but whatever trips your trigger. 'mount_smbfs' instead
of running 'samba' itself might also help you out a bit.

Best regards
 	-- c0ldbyte

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