Patch for NetPIPE to support IPv6

George V. Neville-Neil gnn at
Thu Sep 9 03:09:29 PDT 2004


	I have created a patch for NetPIPE version 3.6.2 that makes it
	work with IPv6.  If you're unfamiliar with NetPIPE then jump
	to here:

	In short NetPIPE is a cool tool for generating packets and
	stressing/testing networks.  I suggest reading the papers they
	have on their web site.

	I've submitted this patch to the nice folks at ameslab as
	well, and will be using it in my own work on locking down the
	IPv6 code in FreeBSD.

	Apply the patch like this:

	cd NetPIPE-3.2.2
	patch -p0 < ~/netpipe.patch
	make tcp6

	This will generate the program NPtcp6 which must be run as a
	client/server pair.  

	server> ./NPtcp6

	client> ./NPtcp6 -h <client IPv6/name>

	You can specify IPv6 style addresses such as ::1 etc. for 
	the -h argument.  I have not tested the gethostbyname2() call
	yet as I'm trapped behind a NAT at the moment.  It ought to
	work though.

	Bugs with the IPv6 version of this code should be sent to me,
	and not to the nice folks at ameslab who wrote the original.


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