3 NICs - 1 upstream, 2 downstream to same subnet??

RRrp Toren rtoren at bronzedragon.net
Fri Sep 3 04:00:09 PDT 2004

Michel Kempes wrote:

>>The second problem you are having is that you can't have two NIC on the
>>same subnet. 
> Well it is possible to do but it is kind of useless to put 2 nic interfaces on 
> the same subnet, unless you can have 1 gbit incomming and 2 100 nic 
> downstreaming it over the subnet but this will need a load balance setup.

    This probably is a terminology thing. "on the same subnet" and "servicing 
the same subnet" aren't the same thing, to me. I am not talking about 
electricly connecting both NICs to the same segment ("on the subnet"), but 
rather each NIC having in independant segment (physically), with machine IPs 
coming from the same subnet pool of addresses (but being unique, of course).


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