FreeBSD 5.3 Networking performance problem

Andrew Seguin asegu at
Mon Nov 29 08:52:15 PST 2004

Thank you for your reply.

> Note that if your interface is set to full duplex and the switch is
> set to half, you'll see lousy performance and very likely see no
> errors on your side.

I have to question though... could this explain a stable ping time of 2ms
when the load is around 2-4mbps and unstable ping times of 2ms to 2s, at

If so, I shall give it a try tomorrow. I've already ordered Intel pro nics
(which I use for all my servers on my small network at with
great results in a similar but lesser bandwidth situation) and new cables (I
needed slightly longer ones anyways to put the server in it's final place
rather then it's testing spot).

Equipment that the firewall sits between is a Cisco 2600 router (internet
side) and an HP Procurve switch facing the local LAN.

Again thank you,

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