802.1x, HOSTAP, station association notifications

Marco Molteni molter at tin.it
Thu May 20 23:44:51 PDT 2004

On Thu, 20 May 2004 Sam Leffler <sam at errno.com> wrote:


> I pointed him at the madwifi project on sourceforge.  It's a Linux
> port of the net80211 layer that now includes an 802.1x authenticator
> and soon will have WPA support too.  Backporting to FreeBSD should be
> straightforward.

Sounds like the right approach :-)

> For user-level notification I have some simple
> additions to kqueue to define new events equivalent to the Linux
> wireless extensions events (scan done, station associate, station
> deauth, station join, station leave).

This is exactly what I was interested in. Are you planning to commit
this ?


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