Looking for switch recommendations ...

Steven Stremciuc steve at freeslacker.net
Tue Mar 30 14:41:32 PST 2004

Wes Peters wrote:

>>Info about the 3348's problems:

>>The guy who posted the message in the Dell forum you linked above sounds 
>>like he has no idea what he's doing.  It's not possible to use a switch 
>>port mirroring function to monitor a switch without a strong knowlege of 
>>network configuration.  The fact that he's getting only packets bearing the 
>>IP address of the other NIC in his XP box doesn't lend me to believe he has 
>>that knowlege.
I was referring to the reply from the Moderator Randy (2nd post) and not 
the original poster you mention. The Moderator mentions "The switch's 
architecture has ports 1-24 and gigabit port 1 on 1 ASIC, while ports 
25-48 and gigabit port 2 are on the other.  Because of this 
architecture, you are unable to mirror between ASICs, e.g. port 1 to 
port 48." He also mentions a hardware chipset limitation that only 
affects the Dell 33xx series regarding mirroring of ports that are part 
of a 802.1Q VLAN.

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