Jacob S. Barrett jbarrett at amduat.net
Tue Mar 30 11:19:06 PST 2004

Now what have I done wrong.  I noticed this yesterday and I can't figure out 
what I have done wrong.  VLAN tagged ARP requests coming into if_nge are not 
visible anymore (tcpdump).  Non VLAN tagged ARP requests are visible.  Debug 
statements are showing the frame doesn't make it into the driver.

This is the request as it leaves the remote host.
11:04:53.588726 0:90:27:f4:58:1d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 8100 46: 802.1Q vlan#2 P0 
arp who-has tell

Strangely though, other broadcasts that are VLAN tagged get delivered to the 
driver. With your patch they now correctly show up on the ng_vlan interface 

This is the other broadcast as sent by remote host:
0:90:27:f4:58:1d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 8100 257: 802.1Q vlan#2 P0 > NBT UDP PACKET(138)

This is he above broadcast that was received by both if_nge and ng_vlan:
0:90:27:f4:58:1d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 0800 246: > 

Any idea why the ARP packets would be filtered at the NIC?  The same goes for 
ARP replies.  I can ARP request from the if_nge machine, but the replies get 

Jacob S. Barrett
jbarrett at amduat.net

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