ipv6 autoconf on vlan interfaces

toni tonign at pie.xtec.es
Tue Mar 9 23:50:51 PST 2004

hi all, 

i'm trying to set up a FreeBSD 5.2 with trunking with 11 vlan interfaces
to advertise ipv6 prefixes in an ipv6 native network

my purpose is that vlan interfaces will configure their address from the
prefix advertised on the same machine

i've been following this page to use vlan devices:


and, if i use:

ifconfig_vlan4="vlan 4 vlandev fxp0"

in /etc/rc.conf vlan starts but it doesn't listen any prefix and vlan
interfaces remain without a global-scope ipv6 address

for now, i must to force the addresses (in this way everything works
fine) in /etc/rc.conf:

ifconfig_vlan4="inet6 2001:x:x:x:x:x:x:x prefixlen 64 vlan 4 vlandev

but this is not my purpose! do you know if it can be done or i'm

in fact, i think network initialisation must be completed before zebra
(radvd daemon) could be started, then vlan interfaces cannot listen the
prefix at boot time... is this correct?

thanks in advance,


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