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Thu Mar 4 10:51:58 PST 2004

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, James wrote:

> > J> 	why inject as_path info from userland to kernel "fib"?  may be netflow turning
> > J> 	into an api that quagga can take advantage of to gather accounting information
> > J> 	is more feasible?
> >
> > James, can you please describe your idea more understandible? I can't understand
> > your last sentence, sorry.
> 	sorry, i wasn't writing clearly :)
> 	what i meant is, an implementation of an API for netflow gathering
> 	stats from the kernel. once you have that API, perhaps quagga can take
> 	advantage of that API, to support netflow accounting by itself, along
> 	with as path information and all that..

quagga is _routing_ software. _accounting_ software is else.

What you want is an interface from quagga and like ng_netflow or
whatever it is called exactly(search the arhive) and a small piece
of software that merges information gathered from both called
an accounting daemon.

PS: I have cut down the Cc: (also removed current@)

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