need help in OPNET!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmed Hamada abahnihy at
Mon Jun 21 11:21:46 GMT 2004


I have the opnet modeler 8.1 only without the library, so when run the simulation of the NIST models for Ad Hoc, the modeler tell me that there are some files "C files ( .h)" missed. I think these files must be in "include" folder that exist in my opnet folder.These files like "oms_auto_addr_support.h , oms_tan.h , oms_pr.h".

So, I need these files (the include folder as all) or the OPNET library for this modeler 8.1.

I think the size of include folder is not large, so please at least anyone send it to me on abahnihy at
Thank you very much.


A. H. Bahnihy

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