Cyrille Lefevre clefevre-lists at 9online.fr
Sat Jul 10 15:44:19 PDT 2004

"Yohan" <yohanphilip at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The ppp.log is attached below. i noticed "Jul 11
> 01:01:05 chennai ppp[182]: tun0: Phase: deflink: **
> Too many ECHO LQR packets lost ** " as the reason for
> disconnect. ppp tries to reestablish the connection
> but even after that the connection is not restored as
> i am unable to ping the internet. i have to kill the
> ppp process and redial using ppp -ddial isp to restart
> the connection (the bottom part of the ppp.log). Any
> way i could avoid this ..??
> regards
> Yo
> ppp.log
[snip 125 K of ppp.log !]

please, next time, cut the similar lines, then compress (using
bzip2) and uuencode the log file which is about of 125 K sent
to many people in the mailing list. think to those how only
have a 56 K connection... not everybody have an xDSL connection.

Cyrille Lefevre.
mailto:clefevre-lists at 9online.fr

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