ng_netflow: testers are welcome

Vasenin Alexander aka BlackSir blacksir at
Sun Feb 22 05:43:52 PST 2004

Yep... But it not so obvious for man like me, who thought just a week ago
that netgraph is something beetween net & graphics... like MRTG

Another question:
Is is possible that ng_netflow take packets _after_ they are diverted by
natd? I apologise, that this would require divert implemented as netgraph
node? So... I have no idea how this would work with ipfw ruleset... Any

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> Is it possible to make port dependant on kernel module
> shipped with base system? How?
> For example sysutils/ips is not dependant on ipfw. It is obvious
> that ipfw is required for it, as well as in case of netgraph
> and ng_netflow.

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