Vlan Problem/Bug maybe?

Cole cole at opteqint.net
Sun Feb 22 02:06:01 PST 2004


I run freebsd 4.9-Stable. And i also use vlans and a program called freevrrp for redundancy. For freevrrpd to function, it needs to
change the ether MAC addresses of the interfaces it is told to use.
I found that if i assign it only to a vlan interfaces such as vlan0 or whatever, that it changes the ether MAC adddress of it fine.

The problem then, is that no traffic is ever picked up by that interface after that. After a few dumps and stuff, i realised that it
is using the new ether MAC address in the packets it sends out, which is now different from the parent NIC's ether MAC address. So
somewhere along when the responses are sent back, they are not being handed back to the Vlan device.

As soon as i changed the NIC's ether MAC address to match that of the new vlan ether MAC address, everything works fine again.
Now this isnt really a feasible option.

So i would like to know if there is anyone that could possibly help with some sort of patch to the vlan driver if_vlan.c so that
when it has its ether MAC address updated, it also updates the ether MAC address of the parent device.
Ive done a bit of looking and i see that somewhere in the vlan_start function inside if_vlan.c the ether MAC is being changed there,
but i would also like to know how to send the new ether MAC address to the parent device driver and have it update itself.

If there is a better list to send this too or if anyone could possibly help, it would be much appreciated.


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