junk at sachitano.net junk at sachitano.net
Sun Feb 15 20:13:28 PST 2004


I am trying to get FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC running on an HP xw4100 workstation. 
This workstation has a bcm5782 (broadcom netxtreme gigabit) ethernet
interface onboard.  the bge driver appears to grab the interface, and i
can configure it with ifconfig.  however, i am unable to send or receive
traffic, and periodically get "bge0: watchdog timeout" messages.  as per
the man page for bge, i have tried with many different cables (all of
which i am confident in), but none work.  (the same exact setup works in
linux regardless of cable).

does this card even work? has anybody gotten this thing running reliably
using -current? if not, what can i do to help make this happen?

thanks in advance,

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