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Thu Feb 12 10:59:32 PST 2004


I recall reading some problems like this on this list recently.  I don't
remember if there was
a solution for NATd, but running IPNAT compiled into the kernel has been
highly efficient
for my small office.  I have no problems with transfers up to 3MB/sec.
Maybe higher.  I
have also found that ipf (IPFILTER) works very well and has a number of good
Good Luck,

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Subject: NATD / ipfw

> Hi,
> I setup a computer to act as a natd for our office. Everything works fine
> but I'm trying to tweak it a little bit to get extra speed.
> When I download from box itself I easily get 6 or 7 mbytes/sec. but
> when I do it behind the nat (office pc). I only get ~ 500k/sec.
> Is there a way to tweak the sysctl to get some more speed ?
> thanks,
> -chris
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