TTCP/RFC1644 problem

Richard Wendland richard at
Tue Feb 10 06:02:25 PST 2004

> My changes
> (tcp hostcache) are in 5.2 for the first time.  Before it it's the
> legacy code as well.  I hope I haven't broken TTCP more than it was
> before.
> > and solaris(but i guess they don't do ttcp) and linux (not yet).
> Linux never will.  They consider TTCP broken by design.  Solaris
> I dont know.

I'm pretty sure FreeBSD is the only general-purpose OS whose TCP stack
implements T/TCP.

> Removing it would make maintainance of the tcp code a bit easier.

If T/TCP isn't being tested in the release cycle, and it causes problems
eg for hostcache, that seems to me a good reason to remove or disable it
(remove net.inet.tcp.rfc1644 sysctl), despite the emotional attachment
to T/TCP.  We don't really want novices playing with it if the code
might have become broken.

RFC1644 is after all a 1994 "Experimental Protocol" that hasn't gained
acceptance.  The only reason I can see for keeping the code now would
be as a basis for experimenting with a similar new protocol - and I'm
not aware of anyone looking at that.

Richard Wendland				richard at

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