FreeBSD Router : ARP who-has requests

gnn at gnn at
Mon Dec 20 18:43:37 PST 2004

At Mon, 20 Dec 2004 19:28:21 +0000,
Lee Johnston wrote:
> Does any one have any ideas on this? Could the kernel option (options HZ) 
> which we use for dummynet/polling effect the rate in which ARP requests are 
> issued?
> I had planned to place each subnet in a VLAN, and looks like this will have 
> to be done fairly quickly. But I just don't understand the sudden increase. 
> My only other though is that some could be port scanning, or someone has 
> just been exploited.
> Appreciate any feedback.

This may be obvious to you, but I would sniff the net for the IPs that
are being arped for.  Also, if you're being scanned there might be a

Good luck,

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