Load Balancing

Elton Machado elton.machado at norteglobal.com
Wed Dec 15 13:24:29 PST 2004

NiY wrote:

>Greetings! I have yet to find a definitive answer on this subject, so
>I was hoping someone would let me know the official way to go about
>this, or if it's even possible.
>We have two ADSL services coming into out building. We would like to
>use them both on one network, using a multi-homed FreeBSD box, if
>possible. So the scenario would like this.
>ADSL1----\                                                             / -- Host
>               Freebsd Load Balancer / NATD ---- Switch --  Host
>ADSL2----/                                                            \ --Host
>Can it be done?

I have the same problem, in my case i have this scenario

ADSL (Cisco 837)  ------
                                         | ------  OpenBSD Gateway or 
FreeBSD -- Switchs -- LAN
CABLE  (USR)     -------

Problem is... I'm using diferent providers in eachlink, I would like to 
to jump from one connection to another when one fails,
in best case, I would like to share traffic between then and in case of 
one fail all the traffic goes by only one of then.

How can you get this thing woring fine?  and does it is possible? ;)



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