em driver problem with intel pro 1000xf - force 100/full

Christopher McCrory chrismcc at pricegrabber.com
Mon Aug 30 09:58:06 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 01:41, Richard Tector wrote:
> >
> > If that doesn't work either, I am not sure if XF fiber intel gig-e cards are
> > capable of 100Mbps.
> >
> 1000baseSX cards can only operate at 1000Mbps, full duplex. The same was true
> for 10baseFL and 100baseFX fibre adapters.
> >From Intel's website:
>   The Intel® PRO/1000 F Gigabit Server Adapter uses the 82543GC Ethernet
>   controller chip labeled with an Intel® brand, SC fiber-based, 62.5/125um or
>   50/125um multimode, supports 32/64 bit at 33/66 MHz, and runs at 1000 Mbps.
>   It must run in full duplex mode.

IIRC,  1000Mbps is full duplex only by spec.  But it seems that it will
auto-negotiate speeds, so presumably it will work at even 10Mbps/half.

? ? ?

>   The Intel® PRO/1000 XF Server Adapter uses the 82544 controller, fiber based
>   as above and adds PCI-X support. End of Year 2001

The specs from Intel's site also state "Fast Ethernet compatable"

/me not liking first journey into fiber land

> Regards,
> Richard Tector
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