ipsec tunnels & packet length issues

Eric Masson e-masson at kisoft-services.com
Tue Oct 28 03:40:34 PST 2003

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Sierchio <kudzu at tenebras.com> writes:

 Michael> You should allow for an IP header with options and the ESP
 Michael> header, which is smaller than 1450. For SKIP I use 1366 as the
 Michael> advertised MTU, and for IPsec usually 1436, unless I need to
 Michael> accomodate ESP and AH, in which case it's smaller.

Ok, that's fine.

 Michael> It's a known feature of any sort of IP encapsulation.

I understand.

I'm no kernel hacker at all, I was just thinking about the ability for
the tunnel endpoint to send back an icmp packet type 3 code 4 when the
packet is too long to be encapsulated.

Is this plain dumb or does it present any interest ?


Eric Masson

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