Remote Boot

John Polstra jdp at
Thu Oct 23 08:38:41 PDT 2003

On 22-Oct-2003 Greg Black wrote:
> On 2003-10-20, Tobias P. Santos wrote:
>> I am trying to boot a FreeBSD diskless client with no success.
>> Actually, I can boot the client, the kernel is downloaded and begins
>> to boot. Then it tries to reach the DHCP/BOOT server, but this never
>> occurs and the machine repeats the following messages forever:
> There is a nasty bug in most versions of the ISC DHCP code that
> gave me a nasty time when attempting just this recently.
> Upgrading to the current DHCP code is essential.

Upgrade which?  The DHCP client, or the DHCP server?


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