limiting connections per IP w/FreeBSD ftpd?

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at
Fri May 30 06:34:02 PDT 2003

Simon L. Nielsen writes:
 > On 2003.05.30 09:25:31 -0400, Andrew Gallatin wrote:
 > > 
 > > At my company, some bonehead (not sure if it was maliciousness or just
 > > a stupid customer), opened 60 simultaneous connections to our ftp
 > > server and totally swamped our T1.    This is the second or third time
 > > this has happened recently.
 > How about just restricting the bandwidth usage with ipfw/dummynet ?

Our firewall is elsewhere, and I don't admin it.   

As for adding it to the server itself, its an alpha, and I don't think
dummnet/ipfw are production quality on alpha...


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