polling(4) and Gigabit

Tony Sarendal tsar at polarcap.org
Sun May 18 03:49:10 PDT 2003

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> The em driver has polling support in STABLE (post 4.8R).  The limitation is
> not so much the NIC, but the way the NIC is serviced via interrupts in non
> polling modes.  There are some very good discussions posted already you can
> get via Google on what you can and cant do and what you might expect
> performance wise.

OK, I checked the code in 4.8-RELEASE and only found polling in nge.

Interrupts I know. I'm trying to answer emails while my 2,5 year
daughter is playing with her Brio railroad and my 7 months son
is assisting her. Interrupts are almost using up 100% of my time.

I've googled and Marc'd quite a bit but I couldn't find any code in
the Gig drivers to put the pieces together.

/Tony S

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