dummynet & bridging problems with MAC OS X

Alvaro Seco Alvaro.Seco at fe.unl.pt
Wed May 7 10:37:45 PDT 2003


I was trying to use ipfw, bridging and dummynet to control bandwidth usage. The machine was installed between the outside router and the switch where all the internal computers are connected. 


Everything is working fine, except for the computers with Mac OS X installed. For them it's almost impossible to access a web page, because the connection is very slow. For all the other computers with Windows and Unix's OS, the connection speed is normal to the bandwidth limitations caused by the bridging firewall.


The configuration of the bridging firewall is very simple, I only created two pipes, one for outgoing and other to incoming traffic with bandwidth limitations.


I will appreciate any help on the subject.



Alvaro Seco


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