freebsd-net Digest, Vol 13, Issue 6

agent dero dero at
Sat Jun 21 13:12:55 PDT 2003

I am re-organizing my company's network, albeit a small one, but it is still 
very very important. 
I run a small webhosting company, and I am rebuilding the LAN with the idea 
of expandibility. 
the LAN Diagram is here
(I apologize for PNG, but that's how AppleWorks wanted to save it.)

Anyways, I am wondering about overall network performance, given that our net 
connection isn't higher than 45Mbps (burstable connection, yay!)

(All machines are running FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE)

The plan is to store all user directories, i.e. web sites, on the NFS disk 
server, equipped with a gazillion disk drives, all with RAID0+1, and simply 
running NFS (and of course SSH)
Then the FTP server(1), the web servers(2 at current point in time) and then 
somewhere in the future, the MySQL servers will all have data stored on the 
NFS server. In addition, the overall workload will be spread across the web 
servers, using BIND's round-robin capability. 
Note: I am planning on upgrading to Gigabit sometime soon. 

The question being, how will this network perform, I realize there will be 
increased network traffic, but the two things I am worried about, are overall 
added latency, and plausibility, i.e. before I buy more hardware, will this 
The biggest toss-up is the tradeoff between a couple ms of latency, and 
expandibility. According to this current diagram, all we need to do to add a 
new server to help releive load is to add a new Web Server, and configure it 
in the BIND configuration files, and get it to use the NFS server. 

Help is not only needed, but appreciated.


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