ADSL PPoA or RFC1483, any solutions ?

Gianmarco Giovannelli gmarco at
Sun Jun 15 23:03:34 PDT 2003

At 15/06/2003, Barney Wolff wrote:
>On Sun, Jun 15, 2003 at 06:55:28AM +0200, Gianmarco Giovannelli wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I need in a near future to convert a bunch of adsl from PPPoE to PPPoA
> > (more than  100 :-).
> >
> > Now they was working on FreeBSD (usually 4.8-STABLE, user ppp in PPPoE,
> > zyxel 645M).
> > Everything works fine until the management choose a new feeder for them
> > which doesn't use PPPoE at all, but only RFC1483 and PPPoA.
>If, as I expect, the DSL modem still has an Ethernet interface, you
>can just set up the inside system as though the Ethernet leads to the
>outside world, with the IP address of the ISP's router as the default
>route.  My ISP works that way.  My Freebsd system's external Ethernet
>has address w.x.y.z/24 and my default route is w.x.y.1.  If you
>don't get a static IP address, running dhclient on the Ethernet
>interface that talks to the DSL modem should work.

Uhm... this seems to me too much simple and beautifull to be true.
Do you use a simple modem and/or you use a router in bridging mode ?

So to summarize you use rfc1843 in the modem/router (but you have to put an 
ip in the modem/router configuration if I am not wrong).
Then you assign your ethernet card the IP you get from your provider and 
you use the default peer as default gateway. Correct ?
Is this work in this way ?

Best Regards,
Gianmarco Giovannelli ,  "Unix expert since yesterday"

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