Question about bridging code

Michael Sierchio kudzu at
Wed Jul 9 12:55:32 PDT 2003

Julian Elischer wrote:

> how come no-one knows about netgraph.. the framework designed to do
> exactly this? :-)
> It's only been in use for 6 years..

Because we're missing a Nutshell book on the topic?  Because only
initiates into the Dark Art of Whistling know how to use it? ;-)
(NB: smiley.  You're not a humorless, literal-minded prat, but some
of us are.)

Heck, Julian, I'd be using it right now if I had the time to
figure out how to rewrite ng_one2many to handle something
other than round-robin.  I'd like to fill the 256kbit/s
frame relay to London before directing traffic over the VPN
on our DS3, competing with all other traffic.  As an advanced
exercise, I'd like to balance based on QoS, with low-latency
traffic (VoIP, etc.) going over the frame link.

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