CFR: bridge locking

Daniel C. Sobral dcs at
Wed Aug 20 12:51:07 PDT 2003

Julian Elischer wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Robert Watson wrote:
>>On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Lars Eggert wrote:
>>>I think you mentioned in the past that NetBSD (OpenBSD?) has bridge code
>>>that implements the pseudo-device approach? 
> FreeBSD has both.
> If you use netgraph bridging then you are using a more
> "link level device" like approach.

Nope. Neither netgraph nor bridge(4) produce a pseudo-interface. 
Unfortunately. It would have solved the problem I was discussing with 
you (alas, I found a y2k thread, in which Archie and you were also 
present, about that very same problem).

Netgraph's ng_iface is not enough, because it's much more limitted.

>>I had an older set of patches (4.x?) that implemented a bridgeX interface
>>that saw all of the packets bridged by the bridge.  However, it was just a
>>pseudo-interface for the purposes of BPF -- it didn't carry a link local
>>address, etc.  I never tested for interop with IPv6.  You can find a very
>>old version of this at  It
>>required some cleanup of the interactions between the bridge code and IPFW
>>code that have probably since happened in the main tree as well, so the
>>chances of this applying or working are effectively 0. :-)
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