Can't bind IP to my bridge at boot time

D.Pageau dpageau at
Tue Apr 8 06:58:44 PDT 2003

Only one IP for the bridge (two interfaces).

"If you want to be able to telnet into the bridge from the network, it
is OK to assign one of the network cards an IP address. The consensus is
that assigning both cards an address is a bad idea." Handbook

I'm ok with that, two IP for the bridge is probably a bad idea.  What
about my third interface that is a default route for my nated network?
This interface need a IP.

BTW I have commented out the ifconfig_rl0 line so I only have one IP and
this IP should be setup at boot time on the bridge and it's not working.

Martin Stiemerling wrote:
> As far as I know you can assign only one IP address when you are using 
> bridging. This means only one interface is allowed to be configured with 
> an IP address.
> Martin
> D.Pageau wrote:
>> If I uncomment in sysctl.conf my IP is not 
>> bind to rl1 but if I leave it commented and type "sysctl 
>>" at command prompt everything work fine.
>> Need help!
>> Thanks
>> $cat /etc/rc.conf
>> ...
>> ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"
>> ifconfig_rl1="inet netmask"
>> #ifconfig_rl2 Bridge to rl1
>> ...
>> $cat /etc/sysctl.conf
>> $uname -a
>> FreeBSD x.x.x 5.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE #7: Mon Apr  7 13:35:54 
>> EDT 2003

Dominic Pageau

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